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Kids Love Our Artificial Turf Playgrounds and so will you!

Synthetic grass play areas that use EasyTurf are softer and safer than real grass and kids just love having fun playing on it.

The infill we use is non-toxic infill so it will not harm children or pets. It’s virtually maintenance free and can be used in any climate or weather so it’s like having your own sports field!

Grass stained clothes, scraped knees are a thing of the past. So parents love it too!

All of these benefits explain why EasyTurf Artificial turf has already been installed in hundreds of day care centers around the nation.


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With it’s patented porous backing the EasyTurf artificial grass drain rapidly. Couple that with the crushed stone base we create as part of the installation and you have the best drainage system possible for your lawn.

The MaxxFlow backing is unlike any other product. The porous material, unlike that used by most other companies, does not have drilled holes in its backing to allow for drainage.

Water is Precious!

EasyTurf Dallas Texas artificial turf playgrounds are some of the most effective water conservation products available today. Not only is it 100% recyclable, it also reduces carbon emissions, it preserves precious water resources.

Just imagine – a beautiful, virtually maintenance free lawn, saving you time and money and helping our planet.

  • Up to 70% reductions in residential water usage
  • Zero carbon emissions from powered lawn mowers
  • No pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers that pollute
  • Decreases trash in landfills by utilizing recycled car tires
  • No urban run-off into sewer systems helping to save our oceans

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  Drainage Makes A Difference

With our NEW MaxxFlow backing, every inch of the NEW backing surface drains freely with absolutely zero absorption. That means it drains faster and cleaner than ANY alternative.



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